THEMES | "Energize your City“ & "Let's create a better tomorrow"
Concept development, design and construction of the exhibition stand
The new E.ON sees itself as a service provider with a focus on people. In a dynamic market undergoing massive structural change, E.ON considers itself a “connecting element” and a pioneer of the localized energy world in Europe.
The exhibition stand had to present the various customer solutions in a tangible way so that visitors from private households, public utilities, industry and local authorities could feel “at home”. In this context, E.ON had to be presented as a solution provider for an increasingly environmentally friendly and digital energy world – all with strict adherence to the corporate design, of course.
First came the idea: “PLAZA” – the central square and meeting place. Squares like this have classically been the place for town business – interpreted here with a modern twist. The aim was for this to function as a “landmark” and central point, and to link up the various market participants in relation to E.ON with its “LED roots”.

The “treetop” made reference to the fast charging stations currently in planning and soon to be distributed across the country. The innovative use of graphic architecture, atmospheric and informative media technology and “feel-good” materials created the feeling of being “at home”.

Particularly sustainable was the use of modular elements that can be reused. Recycled or certified materials were favoured throughout. With “Arktik”, the digital footprint was calculated and offset with a donation to a Gold Standard Project.

This gave rise to a harmonious, grounded and yet pioneering ambiance in keeping with the two guiding principles: “Energize your City” and “Let’s create a better tomorrow”.


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